boss bish life hack: never settle

an enormous part of having the ultimate boss bish attitude, is living without restrictions while understanding that you are the creator of your destiny, and that you have the power to carve out your own happiness. when you can walk with your head high, love who you are, and truly be in love with your life, you will become unstoppable! how is this achieved? it isn’t easy, but it’s necessary: constantly challenge yourself to never settle.


what does this even mean? it means stop, and think about your life. what fuels you, what makes you happy, what is holding you back? what are your dreams, your goals, your aspirations? what steps are you taking in order to reach them? are you even trying to begin? if the answer is ‘no’… you’ve settled.

you’ve become comfortable with the way things are, while dreaming of more and taking 0 steps to get there. the reality sucks, it hurts, and hearing it you’re probably justifying or making excuses in your head to defend your lack of action. when you can come to terms with it, and it bothers you, then you’re ready to take action and make those necessary steps towards change.


once you’ve realized this, envision your goal and the steps needed to get there. draft up a timeline to monitor the micro accomplishments along the way, in order to achieve the macro.

people-2557536_1920.jpg so whether that’s a fitness goal where you’d like to see yourself eating healthier, working out more, or a professional/career goal, understand it’s vital to keep pushing yourself to work towards what will ultimately bring you internal wealth and happiness.

you are worth it! keep challenging yourself- never settle. i legit have this message tattooed on my body, and wear a brass-stamped bracelet with this phrase. always keep reaching for more- you deserve it, boss bishes!


xo nycbossbishes,



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