beautybossbish review: fave nighttime skincare products


when i worked at a beauty counter in a major retail department store at the ripe ol’ age of 19, i was taught to give my customers the soundbite, “your makeup looks as good as the skin underneath it”. think about this, because it makes ‘pore’-fect sense! …(see what i did there, totally not corny).

all of us want that easy fix, so we turn to makeup to cover up what we don’t want to see. that’s equivalent to cutting other people in line who don’t walk fast enough when their zone is called boarding a plane. no shortcuts, kids- take care of YOUR NATURAL SELF first!

white-2565766_1920how can we achieve that? having a solid skincare routine. i’m going to touch upon a part of my nighttime routine, using serums/solutions/oils. they penetrate the layers of the dermis super effectively, and are of a higher concentration. kendra flockhart, an education executive at skincare company darphin, has a lot of impactful facts on the importance of properly correlating nighttime skincare products and their relationship with our sleep cycle, and our skin. “all day, skin works hard to protect itself from constant attack, but while we’re sleeping skin switches into ‘recovery mode,’ a time of intense repair and regeneration,” states flockhart. “in fact, at this time the regeneration process can be up to three times faster than during the day,” she adds.

9:00 pm-11:00 pm: the evening phase


quit fighting it! it’s nearing bedtime, and at this stage within this hourly range, we just begin to feel sleepy. this time period is also key, it’s when our skin is most susceptible to easily absorb product. this is why it’s essential that we make smart choices for our nighttime skincare routine.

11:00 pm- 6:00 am: the night phase

during this phase, our cell turnover is at its highest, turning over 2-3 times more than normal! our skin is able to work harder while we are in a rested state. this means we are creating newer skin cells, which replace older, aged cells, and newer skin cells are the building blocks of the layers of healthier, fresher skin.

6:00 am- 9:00 am: the morning phase

our skin has been managing to absorb product during the night phase, so much that it actually becomes dehydrated by the time we’ve reached the morning phase. it is also most vulnerable to light upon waking. since there has been so much activity during the night, this is where we get up, wash off any surface impurities and dead skin cells, re-moisturize and use sunscreen! but let’s unwind and go back to our pre-bedtime routine- what products are best to use? here are my faves!


obagi-c rx, c-clarifying serum


what: a prescription-strength skin brightening and lightening serum enriched with vitamin c, plus combats hyper-pigmentation (overproduction of melanin). it heals the skin of free-radical and sun damage (dark/brown spots) with the use of hydroquinone. with regular use, your complexion looks even, youthful and radiant.

key ingredients: vitamin c, hydroquinone, asorbic acid. asorbic acid aids in boosting collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and photo-aging.

why this product is fit for a boss bish: it’s totally legit. the guess work or gamble is taken out of the equation, no bullshit or nonsense, just a straight-shooting and effective serum/oil for dark spot and hyper-pigmentation correction.


dr. dennis gross skincare, ferulic acid + retinol brightening solution


what:  a fast-absorbing liquid retinol serum supercharged by ferulic acid to re-texture skin and visibly reduce dullness and fine lines. skin will feel instantly smoother, have a “lit-from-within glow”, and appear more even-toned.

key ingredients: ferulic acid, retinol, and licorice root extract. ferulic acid is actually a plant-based antioxidant empowering vitamins to ensure that the skin is healthy-looking and vibrant. retinol assists in skin elasticity, moisture absorption, and reducing wrinkles. licorice root extract is a natural anti-inflammatory and a lightening agent.

why this product is fit for a boss bish: ok, i might be partial to dr. dennis gross in general, he’s the skin doc among fashion and beauty elites, plus a nyc dermatologist. simply put, i love this solution’s feel, it’s like a lightweight blanket of moisture, and my skin instantly looks brighter and healthier! a boss bish doesn’t have time to waste, and this product quickly delivers.


sunday riley, luna sleeping night oil


what: a nighttime oil that works hard to reverse the day’s damage and neutralize free radicals, so you wake up to a beautifully smooth, ‘plumped’ and luminous-looking complexion.

key ingredients: retinol + blue tansy. this is a retinoid oil, which helps to unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin. Read more:

Slider_1_-_Ingredient_To_Know__Blue_Tansyblue tansy is an essential oil. it is a concentrated anti-inflammatory/calming agent that assists in the aid of damaged skin.

why this product is fit for a boss bish: this product blends science and nature. we need technology for our boss’d up lifestyles! the smell is incredible and makes me feel like i’m getting a mini-spa treatment, or home aromatherapy. it has hints of extra virgin, cold pressed avocado, concord grape, blackberry and chia oils.  warmly pressed into the skin, it’s heavenly!


clarins, tonic body treatment oil


what: 100% pure plant extracts all compressed into a lavish, deeply moisturizing body oil that firms and tones all in one.

key ingredients: hazel seed oil, flower oil, rosemary leaf oil, and rosewood oil

why this product is fit for a boss bish: this is multi-faceted! i love using this product if i had a nighttime workout. in the shower, i use the oil on exfoliated skin, and sweep up from ankles to my legs, thighs, abs and booty. your skin feels firmer right away! the smell of the oil is beyond a delight, again, like you brought the spa home with you!

enjoy these product reco’s and if you try them/have tried them, give me your thoughts!


xo nycbossbishes,



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  1. Rae says:

    I absolutely love this post. Informative, educational and accurate.

    Perfecto! Thank you.

    Rae Jade



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